We have happily returned to the chaotic energy, noise and beauty of Hanoi. Adventures are piling up and we will be sharing more soon. Until then, here are a few shots of our recent 3-day excursion south to Ninh Bình. We took the Reunification Express, of course.

We rented motorbikes and found a place to stay tucked in between limestone cliffs and forest. This area was 5 days post-flood. Sandbag dikes were still in place, water was receding but fields were still flooded. The rice had already been harvested, but the sweet potatoes and other tubers were ruined.

We visited pagodas and interesting sights, got off the beaten track, practiced our Vietnamese and relaxed.

Good place to learn how to ride a semi-automatic.


The countryside was breath-taking.


Rorschachs everywhere.


Hundreds of monk statues in the Bai Dinh Pagoda, the largest temple complex in the country.


We found Black Power monk.


Strolled through Thung Nham Bird Park, home to 1000s of herons, egrets and storks.


Many caves in this land of limestone. But only 3 choices?


Binh Dong cave temples. Lust-worthy floor tile.


We had one of these 12 cabins. Hot outside shower, soft beds and electricity. And lizards. And echoing morning rooster crows.


The view from our cabin. Yes, two hammocks.


Watching the light change was magical.

Atop the stairs at the Bai Dinh Pagoda complex.


Oh.  Why bún chả and bum guns?  We missed them SO MUCH this summer. Come on out and you’ll see why.


A video clip of ducks on a road.

Don’t fall in


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