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Life is full of ups and downs.  We are experiencing one of those “downs”.  Our sweet dog Annie has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a nasty, aggressive and painful bone cancer.  It’s in her front wrist.  She is responding well to her pain regime, so she continues to be her charming, energetic self.

We will be back in Seattle on March 20, staying at various  friends’ homes, with Annie.  We’re looking forward to lots of couch time, treats, and an abundance of dog love.  She and we will welcome visitors.

We’re so grateful she is in good hands right now and we look forward to seeing her soon.  We couldn’t do this alone.




Annie rock star



  1. bronny

    Hey Beth and Doug! First day on your blog since Florida and here’s a post about Annie. I’m so sorry. She is such an awesome poochy – I totally get why you guys are coming home! Maybe I can come to Seattle to see you two while you’re here. Call/text when you can. Am catching up on your posts now. Love you, miss you. xoxob

  2. Pauline

    Hi Beth and Doug! I’m Pauline~ Is Annie alright? So sad to hear about this. I like Annie, she is very sweet and cute.

    • Beth

      Hi Pauline, yes, it’s very sad news. We are back in Seattle (and Lopez Island) spending time with her and she seems happy to see us and have a routine.

      Are you back in Seattle?!

  3. Maggie

    Beth- so sorry to read about Annie’s illness… so sorry. Are you still in Seattle? I’m in Boston area for another week- ,Maggie

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