Combine a super-sensitive INFJ with a guarded and protective INTP, and there you have us.  Every day is a whirlwind of fun and boredom, creations and challenges.   We like it that way.  Who knew we’d find such compatibility in each other?  We feel lucky about our choices.  We’ve got a big, blended family of interesting people that make our lives all the better.

DAY young tiff

Doug has always been fashion-forward, mixing stripes and plaids  from an early age.   Flannel-lined pants and new white laces completed the look.  Today, Carhartts rule.  As a kid, he embraced music and art and still does, adding violin-making to his array of pursuits.  A tinkerer, a jack-of-all-trades, it’s hard to find something he hasn’t endeavored, researched or contemplated at length.

Beth horse cropped



Beth, a spitfire (tomboy is a controversial descriptor these days, although that was her label as a kid) spent more time outdoors than indoors, investigating, rooting around in the dirt, or simply laying in the grass, letting ants crawl on her arms, staring at the clouds and trying to understand life.  A forester, an advocate for abused kids, a musician, she likes facilitating, problem-solving, and creating, satisfied when everyone else is comfortable.

BnD tiffBnD tiffToday, we do what we wanphotot.  Our joint decision takes us to Vietnam.  We have 3 Doug-made fiddles, a smattering of clothes and supplies, 3 favorite ESL teaching books, a laptop, and a few Vietnamese phrases.  The rest we will find along the way.  We started this blog to share the grit and the beauty, the experiences and our discoveries.  And maybe to lure you to come and visit us sometime.

For us, traveling satisfies a desire to find a place where all people are respected and valued, regardless of age, regardless of occupation, where curiosity and acceptance is alive and well.


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